Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling // Online Counselor Supervision

The technology required for online video supervision is not as complex as you might think.  If you already have a personal computer (desktop or laptop - Windows, MAC, or Linux), there are only a few additional things you will need.


VSee: I have a signed BAA with VSee.


Webcamera (or Webcam):

If you use a Mac, a tablet device, or a newer PC laptop, then you probably already have webcam and microphone built-in.  You will not need to purchase any additional hardware; you have everything you need once you obtain the software.

If you do not have the built-in hardware on your computer.....Webcameras can be purchased in most stores that sell electronic equipment, and can range in price.  Some have microphones built-in, some do not.


Some webcams have mics built-in, some do not.  If yours does not, you willl need to purchase a separate microphone to transmit the audio portion.  Some people prefer headset combinations (headphones and microphone combined - like a traditional telephone), others prefer a separate microphone.  Either way works fine, it is merely up to your personal preference.  

Headphones or Earbuds:

In order to maximize the quality of the call/connection, headphones or earbuds are required.  This will eliminate any audio feedback from the conversation.  There is usually a slight delay (sometimes just a millisecond, sometimes several seconds....depending on our connection).  You don't want your microphone to pick up your own voice coming through the speakers of your computer or device.  In addition, we are doing as much as we can to ensure privacy and confidentiality.  

Digital Voice Recorder:

In order for me to review your counseling work, you will need to be able to record selected sessions in a digital format.  Most modern mobile devices and tablets have this feature built-in.

High-speed Internet Connection:

High-speed wireless or broadband Internet access is required to communicate effectively.  If you will be using a mobile device using a cell signal conneciton, you will likely need a stong signal for us to be able to communicate effectively.


Another Item of Consideration - PRIVACY

During our meeting times, you are required to be in a private and secure location (not a public place).  We will be discussing clients during our time together, so you can not be physically located in a place where others may be able to overhear what you are saying. Family members, friends, etc., can not be in the same room when we begin to discuss your work and client information.  This is a serious confidentiality issue.  If you are not in a private location at the time of our meeting, you will need to reschedule the appointment.  Unfortunately, you will still be charged for the allotted time.