Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling // Online Counselor Supervision

I can provide individual clinical supervision to a practitioner working toward licensure -- or a practitioner simply in need of consultation.  All supervision meetings are held virtually, using videoconferencing software.  There is no limitation with respect to your physical location.  You will simply need internet access (and the appropriate equipment - see the TECHNOLOGY link).

The discussion and critique of your work will be based on a couple of elements:

ONLINE FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS:  Using videoconferencing software (Skype or Facetime), we will discuss recordings and/or your self-reports of any/all of the clients with which you are working.  These meetings (held exclusively online) will count toward documented supervision meetings.  The frequency of these meetings will depend on your goals.  For example, counselors working toward licensure in North Carolina need to have no less than one hour of supervision for every forty hours of experience.  If you are working full-time (and all of these hours count toward licensure), then we will need to meet once a week.

AUDIO RECORDINGS:  During the time in which I am supervising you, I will need "clinical data" in which to evaluate your knowledge, skills, and abilities.  The NC Board of LPCs require one of the following:

      • direct/live observation
      • coÔÇÉtherapy
      • audio or video recording, or
      • live supervision.

Because of the modality that I use for supervision (i.e., videoconferencing), and the potential distance involved, I am only able to provide a review of recordings.  I choose to use audio-recordings.  

Please note that NO transmission of a raw recording file will take place over the internet.  You will not be asked to email or send (in any form) a copy of your recording.  We will ONLY review recordings while we are connected via videoconference.  You will only need to play the recording so that your device's microphone will transmit what is played from the speaker of your recording device.  Once a recording has been reviewed, it should  be erased.


Since every state has different licensing guidelines, it will be your responsibility to ensure that this type of video-supervision meets your necessary local guidelines.  In North Carolina, for example, the North Carolina Board for Licensed Professional Counselors states:



Individual clinical supervision consists of face-to-face supervision, as defined in Rule .0212 of this Section, of one or two supervisees with a qualified clinical supervisor, as defined as Rule .0209 of this Section, at a rate of not less than one hour of clinical supervision, as defined in Rule .0208 of this Section, per 40 hours of supervised professional practice, as defined in Rule .0205 of this Section. 

History Note: Authority G.S. 90-334(i); 90-336(c)(2); 
Eff. July 1, 1995; 
Amended Eff. January 1, 2010.



For the purposes of this Chapter, face-to-face clinical supervision means supervision that is live, interactive, and visual.  Video supervision is permitted as long as the session is synchronous (real time) and involves verbal and visual interaction during the supervision as defined in Rule .0209 of this Section. 

History Note: Authority G.S. 90-334(h); 
Eff. July 1, 2006; 
Amended Eff. January 1, 2010.


Since our video supervision will be synchronous, live, interactive, verbal, and visual, it qualifies as face-to-face supervision.


For more information about supervision requirements.....please refer to the NC Board of LPCs website: http;//