Standing in the Rain

Image of person holding umbrella

Have you ever had a week where it rained practically the entire week?  No sun shone, just clouds and rain? Sometimes the rain poured, but mostly it was a constant drizzle with no respite.

Ours is a difficult profession….and sometimes feels like one of those weeks.  Our clients’ stories are often difficult to hear…and to project empathy.  Our clients, of course, have had a much more difficult time because they have lived the story.  But to hear story after story, empathizing all the while, is taxing. Continue reading “Standing in the Rain”


Self-care and the Counselor


I’ve had lots of conversations recently with both students and supervisees regarding self-care.

With students, somewhere along the way, many get the impression that “self-care” is a version of being very nice to yourself every once-and-a-while.  Some typical examples that I hear: getting a massage, going to a spa, shopping, and binge-watching Netflix.  While getting a massage or going shopping are great things to do to relax or treat yourself, to me, this isn’t what I would consider self-care in the counseling profession. Continue reading “Self-care and the Counselor”