Standing in the Rain

Image of person holding umbrella

Have you ever had a week where it rained practically the entire week?  No sun shone, just clouds and rain? Sometimes the rain poured, but mostly it was a constant drizzle with no respite.

Ours is a difficult profession….and sometimes feels like one of those weeks.  Our clients’ stories are often difficult to hear…and to project empathy.  Our clients, of course, have had a much more difficult time because they have lived the story.  But to hear story after story, empathizing all the while, is taxing. Continue reading “Standing in the Rain”


Working as an Ice Sculptor in Therapy

Some clients are complicated and challenging, for one reason or another.  Some have a long history of difficulties in life — and may take a while to address; some are complex and difficult with which to work.

Regardless of how or why a client presents the way that they do, the result of what is happening in the therapeutic process and relationship can be the same.  You may make slow progress.

I like to share a metaphor with my supervisees that has given me great perspective as a clinician when things are slow-going.  It is that of an ice sculpture. Continue reading “Working as an Ice Sculptor in Therapy”


Self-care and the Counselor


I’ve had lots of conversations recently with both students and supervisees regarding self-care.

With students, somewhere along the way, many get the impression that “self-care” is a version of being very nice to yourself every once-and-a-while.  Some typical examples that I hear: getting a massage, going to a spa, shopping, and binge-watching Netflix.  While getting a massage or going shopping are great things to do to relax or treat yourself, to me, this isn’t what I would consider self-care in the counseling profession. Continue reading “Self-care and the Counselor”